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Problems with Windows Server

In the last 48 to 72 hours, we’ve been having connectivity and uptime problems with the Windows servers here and we’ve tried hard to find the cause and fix them asap.

Apparently, Plesk released a very insecure version and the installation of this version was compromised before a patch was released and updated it. There were malicious files that were intended to be used as a backdoors has caused a lot of problems with the server and which made services to be restarted, only to fail again and again. This caused the server to repeatedly reboot or crash.

We ahve made changes in the protocols for the Windows so that this incident will not happen again.

Our sincerest apologies.

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WordPress 2.0.3 Released

The latest in the stable 2.0 series, 2.0.3, is now available for download at

This is a bug fix and security release, and is recommended for all WordPress users. In addition to an issue that was raised on Bugtraq a few days ago, we’ve also backported a number of security enhancements from 2.1 to further enhance and protect your blog.

This release includes:

* Small performance enhancements
* Movable Type / Typepad importer fix
* Enclosure (podcasting) fix
* The aforementioned security enhancements (nonces)

We’d like to encourage everyone to upgrade their blogs to the latest version.

You can download a copy of WordPress here.

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