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Cheap Web Hosting vs. Affordable Hosting in the Philippines

plogHost has been hosting Philippine web sites for over 3 years but a majority of our strength is focused on blogs, wikis and forums.

Here, we would like to make a distinction between what is a cheal web hosting provider and an affordable web host.

First, cheap means that the cost per unit of product or server (in our case, web hosting) is the lowest. However, cheap does not alwasy mean affordable. Say for example, you get 1,000MB of webspace for only Php500 a month. That gives you 2MB per Php1.00 which is already cheap. Still, you need to cough up Php500 to be able to afford this.

Second, affordable means that the customer or the client is able to purchase or buy the product or service at the lowest possible cost. Say, you get 250MB of web space for only Php250 a month. That's basically 1MB per Php1.00 which is half as cheal as our example above. Still, you will only need to spend Php250 a month in order to afford this hosting package.

Now, you can clearly see that even if the 1,000MB (Php500) is way cheaper for the hosting package, the 250MB (Php250) is much more affordable.

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