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A guide to choosing the hosting package  that's right for your needs.
How much do you need to pay initially will depend on the package you choose. Here's a simple guide.
How to go about ordering your web hosting account.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Web Hosting Plan.

You have the basic choice of getting a standard Linux plan or a Windows hosting plan. If you have no special requirements and only want a simple and static website, we highly recommend our Red Hat Linux packages since they are relatively cheaper compared to the Windows hosting.

Here is a simple tabular feature comparison of the two:

MS Access
Cold Fusion
Frontpage Extensions

Mostly, only those who needs to sue MS Access of MS SQL databases to go along with ASP scripting requires Windows Hosting. Generally, Linux hosting is cheaper compared to Windows hosting since the latter requires licenses both in the OS and the SQL server as against Apache webserver and mySQL which are free.

When choosing the best suited package, take note of your email requirements and the type of files you intend to upload to your site. Sites which carry an image gallery or provide a public downloadable section will certainly need more space and bandwidth. Sites which run forums will likewise eat a lot of bandwidth.

For personal websites, we suggest CPanel Plan 75 or Cpanel Plan 150 of the Red Hat Linux packages; Plesk Plan 50 or Plesk Plan 100 is also a good starting point for the Windows hosting.

Company websites can start at CPanel Plan 150 or CPanel Plan 250 depending on the number of email accounts they'll use. Plesk Plan 100 or Plesk Plan 200 for Windows hosting is also recommended as a start point.

M embership websites such as forums or galleries will need more resources, so CPanel Plan 250 or higher would be a good pakcage to start with.

How to Compute Initial Billing.

Our minimum billing cycle is quarterly so expect your initial billing for an advanced 3 months payment for the hosting plan. Domain registration fee is fixed at Php 600 annually for .com, .net and .org domains. ccTLD for .ph domains are priced at Php 1,800 a year.

Here is the general formula:

Plan Price
x 3 + Domain Fee = Quarterly / Plan Price x 12 + Domain Fee = Annual

Here are some sample computations:

Plan 75, gTLD (.com, .net., org) domain registration:

Php 75 x 3 (months) + Php 600 = Php 825 (quarterly)

Php 75 x 12 (months) + Php 600 = Php 1,500 (annual)

Plan 150, ccTLD (.ph, domain registration:

Php 150 x 3 (months) + Php 1,800 = Php 2,250 (quarterly)

Php 150 x 12 (months) + Php 1,800 = Php 3,600 (annual)

Our Ordering Process, Simplified.

1) Fill up Order Form on our website.

2) Wait for Initial Billing Email.

3) Remit payment via Bank, Cash, Check, Paypal or Credit Card.

4) Register and login to our Helpdesk, post details of payment.

5) Payment is verified by us, domain is registered and account details sent.

6) Done. Please allow 12 - 24 hours for your domain to propagate and be available for use.

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